Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shadow Games: The Black Company Goes South

Just look at that beautiful cover.
Look at it.

We seven remained at the crossroads, watching the dust from the eastern way.Even irrepressible One-Eye and Goblin were striken by the finality of the hour. Otto's horse whickered. He closed her nostrils with one hand, patted her neck with the other, quieting her. It was time for contemplation, the final emotional milemark of an era.

And so begins the fourth chronicle of the Black Company. Seven down from hundreds, a company in search of its past. Now, its no secret that this is one of my favorite series, followed by the Dread Empire for works by Cook. I'm going to try to resist gushing about this particular tome, and highlight some of the better parts.

Croaker, the unreliable narrator is now Captain of the Company, and good for him. Lady, the quasi-villain from the first three books is along for the ride. Otto. Hagpop. Goblin and One-Eye, the sorcerers. Murgen, the youngest guy in the Company at twenty eight. The last of the Company, which was shattered at the battle of the Tower of Charm. And the Barrowlands.

Lady muttered some very unladylike sniggen snagen riddly rodden racklesnatzes under her breath..

Croaker's fanfictions about the Lady finally become reality, so good for the old man.

I have to run to the bookstore to get the next one, since they're pretty hard to find in brick and mortar stores.
Do yourself a favor, and read this. Read them all. Cook is being shadowed by other heavy hitters, and that's sad, considering he's been consistently releasing great content for as long as I've been alive. (30-odd years).

The Omnibus collections are great. Get them. They have them at Barnes & Noble. Or go to the small, used book stores, like I do. The Iliad is my go-to, and if you live anywhere near Los Angeles, I highly recommend them.
Yay! Books!